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Ryan McMahon - Dear Canada- Podcast & More

"There are MASSIVE, fundamental gaps in knowledge, understanding & commitment to making this place better than it is. Fundamentally, most people do not have a grasp of basic Canadian history. Hell. Who wrote the text books you learned about Confederation and the settling of Canada? Likely, dead White Dudes."  http://www.rmcomedy.com/blog/canada-statement-of-facts

Wow, I can totally relate to the first speaker. Please listen to the podcast. Powerful words.

*The second speaker is so ignorant on the truth, these opinions are so hurtful, they make me want scream and cry and vomit.... I wish she would read the Survivor's Speak

*That awful guilty paralysis of wondering "what can we do?"

*I love what the caller said about a "broken heart" and the empathy is needed and a deep look at yourself.

 *Inside the circle and Outside the circle conversations.. crooked Chiefs"

"No Drinking Water" how is the possible in this day and age in so called "Canada"

Look at the root of the problem-
"Important point about what happens when youth must leave their communities that makes them vulnerable  to gangs. "

"Poverty breeds poverty. "

How do you break out a bad situation?
How do you escape /survivor the intergenerational abuses.

One practical thing we can do is to follow the TRC and look at the 94 calls of action
The TRC was paid for by Residential School Survivors.

Side Note: After I read some of Survivor's Speak..which was also the week honoring the Missing and Murdered Indigenous women I painted a painting called "Tail of Tears" I painted it to help vent some of the pain that I felt for the Residential School Survivor's and all Indigenous peoples, for all the INJUSTICES they have suffered...for the 125 year war on children and so much more.  https://mylangaratrccarvingjourney.blogspot.ca/2016/10/tail-of-tears-painting.html

I totally relate to the caller "asking what we can do? "
I believe our Carving for Reconciliation program
this program as difficult as it was, has helped me a lot and but truthfully we have so much work to do and we must educate everyone....because so many still don't know and there are so many unhealthy people.

Oh my gosh, that guy talking about the plan to unite Indigenous & Federal Gov. I hope he reads the links and info here and takes a course like the one  I took.  It wasn't perfect, it didn't have all the answers but I believe it was the start of something very special. I am grateful for all the experiences good and bad. Since I completed my course I reached out to my daughter's school and her Social's teacher was very nice and invited me in to talk about it and soon I hope to meet with the principal who responded that she would like to discuss this in more detail. See links below too. Read this blog

I think that is a big part. Justin Wilson was challenge by another collegue on what were they doing about Reconciliation. So that is what I did. I took the course and I am in a constant state of learning and I challenged my daughter's teacher to do something in regards to Reconciliation. He is willing. That's a great start. It's a starting place, I think we need to challenge people...to take action. 

Photography by Angel Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2017
The Chiefs of Ontario- have a plan  http://www.chiefs-of-ontario.org/

This is a side note but look at this in how people were treated in regards to treaties...

other good info

LAND- STOLEN LANDS!!!! and how that affects EVERYTHING today!

"We Need You to Save Our Lives!" #VoteABC


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Read the Indian Act. Seriously. It's hilarious. It's a good place to start. From there, you'll see the deep seeded racism shine through the text. If it helps, imagine Kevin Spacey, or Sir Ben Kingsley or Keanu Reeves dressed up in pre-confederation garb, close your eyes and imagine them it reading out loud! http://indigenousfoundations.arts.ubc.ca/the_indian_act/

You can read the White Paper - a terrible policy paper from 1969 that then Minister of Indian Affairs, Jean Chretien, proposed to eliminate Indian Status (and the rights therein), assimilate Indians into the body politic and complete the wholesale theft of Indigenous lands & territories by adopting fee simple/private land ownership and extinguish lands held in reserve (AKA - extinguish Aboriginal Title). http://www.aadnc-aandc.gc.ca/eng/1100100010189/1100100010191

You can dig into the Red Paper , https://ejournals.library.ualberta.ca/index.php/aps/article/view/11690/8926  or the Citizens Plus document, the ground breaking document created by a group of great Indigenous thinkers, community leaders, philosophers and political leaders in 1970. The document fundamentally outlines the opposition to colonial rule and the top down Government approach Canada takes with Indigenous Peoples. Here's the summary - it's a quick read.

You can read the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples. A ROYAL COMMISSION. This is in reference to your Queen, Canada. It doesn't get much bigger than this - a ROYAL commission. It's 4000 pages long but it essentially gives you the truth behind the country, it gives answers and solutions, it provides a framework on a pathway forward. https://qspace.library.queensu.ca/handle/1974/6874

Or. Maybe read the Kelowna Accord. Again, it was an exhaustive effort to come to an agreement on a framework in which to move forward with in Canada. It costs millions of dollars and hundreds of hours of negotiations, meetings and best practices to come up with the plan. Ultimately, Harper's Conservative Government squashed it, and opportunity was lost. BUT. It was a plan. It was a plan that Canadian's forget exists when they talk about the impossibility of moving forward in 2016. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kelowna_Accord

Thumb through UNDRIP. Implementation of UNDRIP in Canada would mean constitutional talks (which we need anyway, if we're going to make things right in Canada) and it'd essentially the mean the end of the Big White Daddy attitude the government holds towards Indigenous Peoples. http://www.un.org/esa/socdev/unpfii/documents/DRIPS_en.pdf

You could peruse the thousands of pages of documents that the Truth & Reconciliation Commission of Canada has gifted us! Maybe start with the Summary Report for overall context, or read the words of Survivors themselves, or, hit the 94 Calls To Action to understand the work that your children, their children and their children's children will be undertaking in the next 100 years. http://ipolitics.ca/2016/01/12/unpacking-undrip-how-trudeau-could-take-crownfirst-nations-law-into-uncharted-waters/


Related Links
TRC website   http://www.trc.ca/websites/trcinstitution/index.php?p=905
TRC Summary
Words of the Survivors http://nctr.ca/assets/reports/Final%20Reports/Survivors_Speak_English_Web.pdf 
94 Calls to Action http://nctr.ca/assets/reports/Calls_to_Action_English2.pdf

Here's a few photos from the Carving 4 Reconciliation class that I participated at Langara College in Vancouver  from Sept 2016 to April 2017

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2017

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2017

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2017

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2017

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2017

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2017

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2017

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2017

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2017

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2017

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2017

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2017
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